Citroen C1 Airscape Urban Ride

Caldera Black (Metallic) Citroen C1 Calvi Blue (Metallic) Citroen C1 Carlinite Grey (Metallic) Citroen C1 Gallium Grey (Metallic) Citroen C1 Lipizzan White Citroen C1
Gallium Grey (Metallic)
Caldera Black
Calvi Blue
Carlinite Grey
Gallium Grey
Lipizzan White
C1 Airscape Urban Ride
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There are three Airscape Urban Ride models from the C1 range, starting from £14,780 MRRP. Available in a petrol engine with a manual transmission. It boasts impressive fuel efficiency of 52.2mpg (VTi 72 S&S Airscape Urban Ride 5-door) and extremely low CO2 figures at just 85g/km (VTi 72 S&S Airscape Urban Ride 5-door).

Southend-On-Sea and Basildon


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