Free Vehicle Health Check and Tyre Check

Free Vehicle Health Check and Tyre Check

Available at Toomey Motor Group Citroen

In the current adverse weather conditions, it is imperative to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road -this is one of our main priorities. For this reason, we would like for you to be aware all vehicles visiting a Toomey Dealership can receive a full FREE Vehicle Health Check plus Tyre check today. These checks will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle to be certain that they are safe for the road. In addition, we will identify if your vehicle needs to be repaired or requires certain parts to be replaced to ensure it is safe.

Once a VHC has been conducted, you will receive a report of your results, which will score all points checked on your vehicle as Red, Amber or Green, depending on whether they require work or not.

You will then have the option to authorise that work to be carried out. One of the main advantages of bringing you vehicle to a main dealer ensures your vehicle receives genuine Manufacturer parts and being attended to by a Citroen trained Technician.

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VHC Scoring Explained
Red - Work is required immediately. Your vehicle may be at risk of damage, unsafe to drive, or even illegal to drive, depending on the item that requires work.

Amber - Work will be required soon. The item checked does not need work immediately, but it will need work before you are next scheduled to visit our dealership for your service. Please ask your Service Advisor to organise a booking, or book online to schedule another visit to ensure that this is corrected.

Green - Work is not required on this item until at least your next scheduled visit to the dealership.

VHC Points Checked
Key points checked throughout your VHC include:

- Tyre tread thickness

- Battery

- Brake disk and pad thickness

- Wiper Blade wear

- Servicing Requirements

- Oil Level / Anti Freeze Level

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This offer is available at all Toomey Dealerships, and can be withdrawn at any given period of time.


Please contact us if you require additional information.