Air Con Sanitization

Air Con Sanitization

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Service

Air conditioning units are prone to accumulating bacteria through every day use, as well as after long periods without use

The first sign you might notice of this is a persistent smell coming from your cars air conditioning system.

In some cases this smell might go after a short period of having run the system, this is especially common if the air conditioning has not been used for a while. In some cases this bacteria build-up will need to be cleaned from the system, which is why we offer our anti-bacterial cleaning service.

Why do I need an anti-bacterial clean for my air conditioning? 

Bacteria can build up in the air conditioning system over time if it goes unused for a period of time. This is common for a lot of motorists who do not get the most from their air conditioning over the winter. Often this means when the air conditioning is used for the first time again in the spring or summer it comes with a musty or unpleasant smell.

An anti-bacterial clean will make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is clean and smells much fresher so you can enjoy crisp and cooling air all year round.

How does it work?

Air conditioning aerosol ‘bomb’ cleaners cannot be effective, unless the evaporator is dried, first. For this to happen, the heater must be run for around ten minutes, with the air conditioning switched-off. The heater is then set to ‘recirculate’ and the air flow set towards the windscreen, before the aerosol is positioned within a foot well and activated.

As the engine has to be running with nobody inside the car, as the aerosol empties, this operation must be performed on private land and the car must not be left unattended. The aerosol’s contents should pass through and disinfect the air ducts.

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