Meet the All-New DS 4

26 Posted: 26th Jan 2022
Meet the All-New DS 4

DS Automobiles was born in Paris, and are experts in electric technology. With a double championship-winning at the formula-e electric racing, they have perfected comfort, refinement and class to all their models. So if you're considering something premium, like Mercedes, BMW or Audi, but looking to buy something less obvious, then DS could be the brand for you.

Today we’re talking about their new flagship model, the DS 4. A stylish premium hatchback that is unique on the road and offers more shape and a sharper drive.

  • DS Technology

    It has an effective design that is both hi-tech and user-friendly, DS have integrated the latest driver assistance technology, providing the highest levels of efficiency, connectivity and safety on your drives. All versions of the DS 4 are offered with the basic driver assistance systems like; rear parking sensors, lane keeping assist or cruise controls. However, DS take it up a notch with their higher trim levels, with their newly developed DS DRIVE ASSIST, DS NIGHT VISION and DS IRIS SYSTEM.


    Long journeys have now never been easier, thanks to DS DRIVE ASSIST making our journeys more relaxed, especially on motorways to help keep you safe. The systems features semi-autonomous driving*, it can control your speed relative to the traffic conditions, has the ability to stop and restart in traffic jams. The system can also help perfectly position your DS 4, so you are in the middle of the lane, ensuring that you are not getting to close to the edge of the lane.

    *The highest level that is currently permitted on the road.


    Your personal assistant, that is does what you want, when you want. It is DS’ new intuitive, ergonomic information ecosystems that can be completely personalised, with your shortcuts to perform frequent operations.


    Only a few competitors have this feature, which is night vision. An infrared camera is positioned in DS 4’s front grille, and is able to spots oncoming obstacles, such as pedestrians, cyclists and animals up to 200 metres. It will then display them on the instrumental cluster, with potential threats notifying the diver. This is a real step forward in safety, as it enables the driver to anticipate any dangers and react safely. 

  • Interior

    Thanks to the strong integration of the 10inch HD touchscreen into the dashboard and high quality materials used to create the cabin and seats, it delivers a refined and serene experience to the driver.

    To enhance the interior, the DS 4 has an electric handbrake to make more space and to provide a second touchscreen and the seats have the signature watchstrap design.

  • DS 4 Interior
  • Exterior:

    The DS 4 has been designed to have distinctive look that is unforgettable, with flowing and assertive lines, it outlines it aerodynamic profile. The sculpted lights fit perfectly with its elegant and compact class shape. With big 19” wheels which emphasise the cars presence and flush-fitted door handles that pop out, makes this new generation hatchback striking.

  • DS Exterior
  • How does it drive?

    Whilst we haven’t test driven one yet, we can safely say that it will provide you with a new experience of being in the driver seat.

    All DS 4’s are available in automatic transmission, making your journey much more responsive and smooth. It also features DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, this new technology scans the roads ahead for bumps in the road. The system then prepares to adapt the road surface, by adjusting the suspension of each wheel, to make the suspension firmer or softer, to ensure a smooth drive.

  • Spec Levels

    One of the key selling points of this car is the 3 different styling options available, there is the DS 4, the standard car that offers classy and sophisticated look. The performance line, that offers a sportier design and Crossback that is a little taller than the DS 4 and provides an SUV-like design.

    Once, you have decided the styling options, the DS 4 is available in various different trim and engine levels, of which brings us to the fact is that it is also a plug-in hybrid as well and petrol. The DS 4 has a WLTP range of up to 38.5 miles in full electric, and with 7kW home charger, it can be back a 100% in less than 2hours.

    Plug-In Hybrid vehicles are a great option, as they allow to drive using electricity and fuel, so when you run out of charge, your DS 4 will simply switch over to fuel. DS even allows you to choose when you drive in all electric, for example if you are driving through a highly populated area, you may choose to drive in electric mode here, to reduce the emissions.

  • DS Versions
  • Enquire Today

    If you're intereted in the DS 4 you can pre-book your test drive and order your DS 4 today. 


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