What type of car will suit your needs?

7 Posted: 7th May 2024
What type of car will suit your needs?

When it comes to finding the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and needs, it can seem as though there is too much choice. However, understanding the different types of cars and body styles available can help narrow down your options and find the ideal match. From compact runabout cars to spacious SUVs and eco-friendly electric vehicles, Hyundai offers a diverse range of options to cater to every driver's preferences.

  • Hyundai i10 Essex
  • Small City Cars

    For navigating the busy streets of urban cities, nothing beats the agility and efficiency of a small city car. The Hyundai i10 is the definition of city driving, and the compact runabout car designed to effortlessly weave through tight spaces and navigate crowded streets. With its compact dimensions and smooth handling, the i10 is perfect for urban dwellers seeking convenience and practicality who need a simple solution to parking struggles.

  • Hyundai TUCSON Essex
  • SUVs

    When adventure calls or you simply need extra space for your family and cargo, Hyundai's lineup of SUVs has you covered. The TUCSON stands tall as a quintessential mid-size SUV, offering a perfect blend of versatility, comfort, and performance. For those seeking a smaller sport utility vehicle without sacrificing usefulness, the KONA steps in as a compact SUV, available in both traditional and electric variants. With the TUCSON's plug-in hybrid option and the KONA Electric's emission-free driving, Hyundai SUVs offer something for everyone.

  • Hyundai i20 Essex
  • Hatchbacks

    Combining practicality with modern design, hatchbacks like the Hyundai i20 offer a perfect balance of style and functionality. With its distinctive rear hatch and spacious cargo area, the i20 provides ample room for shopping, luggage and whatever you would need in your day-to-day. From driving around the city or heading on a weekend getaway, the i20 delivers versatility and efficiency in a compact package.

  • Hyundai SANTA FE Essex
  • Crossover Vehicles

    Blurring the lines between SUVs and hatchbacks, Hyundai's crossover lineup offers the best of both worlds. The Bayon emerges as a small crossover SUV, perfect for urban adventures and weekend excursions alike. Meanwhile, the SANTA FE steps up as a mid-size crossover SUV, providing ample space for passengers and cargo even offering up to 7 seats. And with the all-electric IONIQ 5 leading the charge as a compact crossover SUV, Hyundai continues to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in the crossover segment.

  • Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Essex
  • Electric Vehicles

    As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification, Hyundai remains at the forefront with its lineup of innovative electric cars. The IONIQ 6 takes center stage as an all-electric saloon, combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design for a truly premium driving experience. Meanwhile, the IONIQ 5 N raises the bar for electric performance, delivering exhilarating acceleration and handling in a stylish and eco-friendly package. With Hyundai's commitment to sustainability and innovation, electric vehicles are not just the future—they're the present.

  • Whether you're seeking a compact runabout car for city living, a spacious family car with lots of boot space, a versatile hatchback for everyday practicality, or an eco-friendly electric vehicle for a greener future, Hyundai offers a diverse range of vehicles to suit every driver's needs. With innovative technology, stylish design, and unparalleled performance, Hyundai continues to redefine the driving experience and empower drivers to embrace the road ahead with confidence and excitement. View our new Hyundai vehicles here.

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