10 Tips to get your Car Spring Ready

4 Posted: 4th Apr 2022
10 Tips to get your Car Spring Ready

The daffodils are in full bloom and the supermarket shelves filled with Easter Eggs, it can only mean one thing – spring is back!

And while we are ready for Spring, it’s a good idea to check if your car is ready for it too. Winter has brought many harsh weather conditions this year, including the black icy mornings, trees all over the road thanks to Storm Eunice and the sand storm too in March! So we’ve put together a handy guide of all the things that are worth checking, to make sure your car is ready for Spring.

  • 1. Winter and Car batteries do not get along

    During the winter months, your vehicle’s engine requires more power to start when the temperatures are colder, and it makes it harder for your battery to provide power. Now that we are starting to see warmer temperatures and we’re past the wintery mornings, it’s a good idea to check that your battery is still functioning, some signs your battery is about to die are;

    • Difficulty starting the car
    • Low/loss of power to electrics – this is where you might notice electric windows, lights or heaters are not functioning correctly
    • Dashboard warning symbol
    • You can also take your car to your local garage and they can perform a proper inspection
  • 2. Vehicle Fluids

    Over time your vehicle’s fluids can deteriorate and it’s a good idea to check with your manufacturer's manual, to confirm how frequently your car’s fluid levels need changing, including coolant, engine oil and particularly screenwash which will have been used more frequently in the winter.


  • 3. Clean the underbody of your Car

    While road salt is great at the time when the roads are slippery, they are not so great when the salt lands on your car. The salt and dirt can build up on the underside of the car and can cause rust, corrosion or other problems. So make sure you give your car a thorough spray down, ensuring that the under bumpers and wheels wells are reached too, then give your car a warm wash with a proper vehicle shampoo.

    The road build-up of salt, dirt and impurities from the road may clog or damage your brakes, so it is a good idea to check your brakes, make sure you are in a safe environment to do this, so you don’t endanger anyone.

  • 4. Check your Tyres

    It is essential that your tyres are also checked after winter, and are also inspected on a regular basis, as the harsh conditions bring a lot of wear and tear including scuffs, splits or bulges in the rubber. Your checks should include reviewing the;

    • Tread: Due to the wet and rainy roads in the winter, it is important to check the tread on your tyre to ensure you have the proper amount of traction and grip when things get slick.
    • Pressure: During the winter the tyre pressure can drop due to the sudden drops in temperature, particularly at night, therefore make sure this is topped up.
  • 5. Check you Lights - Inside & Outside!

    With shorter daylight hours in the winter, we tend to be driving to and from work more frequently in the dark, so it is a good idea to check that your bulbs are working correctly, outside the vehicle, as well as inside!


  • 6. Inspect your Windwipers

    Whilst April is known for the beautiful spring weather and the start of warmer weather, it’s also known as April Showers, and that brings us on to check your windscreen wipers. Over time your wind wipers are naturally prone to wear and tear, and there are also some telltale signs that they need changing;

    • Streaking: If you notice streaks left behind on your windscreen, this is a sign that the rubber has worn and has cracked or begun splitting.
    • Skipping: Your wipers can become out of shape from constant heat and cooling, and you will notice that they ‘skip’ over parts of the windshield.
    • Squeaking: If you are hearing squeaking while using your wipers, this is an indication that it could be time for a new set.
    • Smearing: Another indicator is if your wipers are smearing and it is not down to a dirty windscreen or poor quality washer fluid.
    • Split: The rubber can split meaning the wiper blade may not be clearing all of your windscreens.


  • Windscreen Wipers
  • It is important that you get your wipers changed if you are experiencing any of the above as it ensures that you can maintain full visibility on the road. If wipers are not changed it can causes scratches on the windscreen, which in time would reduce your visibility. As well as changing your windscreen wipers, make sure your screenwash is topped up with a high-quality wash, to ensure your screen is kept clear of dirty marks.


  • Screenwash
  • 7. Aircon

    It’s likely that over the winter you haven’t been using your air conditioning, and when you jump in your car on a warm, sunny day you may turn it on and notice a strange smell or funny noises, if you notice this it might be worth getting your air-con checked and accessed.

  • 8. Pollen/Cabin Filter

    With the flowers blooming, this does mean more pollen in the air for hay fever sufferers, pollen/cabin filter should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles you drive or 2 years depending on the manufacturer. Pollen/cabin filters ensure that you breathe clean air and filter out any dirt and impurities.


  • Air Vent
  • 9. Spring Clean!

    A thorough clean of your car never hurts at the start of spring to wash away all of winter’s dirt and mud, inside and outside, this includes your seats and car mats!


  • Car Cleaning
  • 10. Final step to get ready for Spring

    And finally, its time to take out the winter coats and scarves and replace it with picnic blankets, so ready for any join spring picnic in the park this season.

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