Are you prepared for the ULEZ Expansion?

24 Posted: 24th Sep 2021
Are you prepared for the ULEZ Expansion?

On the 25th October 2021, the existing central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding to the existing ULEZ to cover a larger area of London, to help combat poor air quality.

When driving in the zone you will need to check whether your car, motorbike, van or any other vehicle meet the ULEZ emissions standards, or pay the £12.50 daily charge when driving into the zone. 

The ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, except Christmas Day.  


What can you do now?

To discuss what this could mean for your business or to find out what your options are enquire today, and our Toomey Advisors will be able to help you find the perfect solution - call 01702 884674

  • Your Options

    Upgrade to vehicle that meets ULEZ standards:

    If your thinking of buying a new or used vehicle, look up its emmisions of the vehicle and check to see whether it is ULEZ complaint, to avoid the charge. Since September 2015, every car sold has had to meet the Euro 6 emission standard; that goes for petrol and diesel cars. At Toomey we have a range of vehicles and brands that meet the ULEZ standards. Discover our new and used cars and find your vehicle that meet the ULEZ standards;



  • Go Electric

    Electric cars are except for the ULEZ charge due to the fact they product zero exhaust emissions. These low-emission zones are intended to push everybody towards electric, so taking the electric step now, means you wont have to worry about plans for any future zero-emission zone either. 

    Electric vehicle technology have signifcantly grown and meaning there is a higher electric driving range and quicker charging times! At Toomey we have a range of new and used Electric vehicles click below to find yours today!;


  • Walk or cycle wherever possible, or use public transport

    London is increasingly becoming bike-friendly, with access to cycle paths on the side of the roads and parks, bike hire scheme and plently of bike locks, to store your bike during the day. Alternatively, you could use public transport, including the buses, train or the tube, and to reduce the cost you could even travel at off-peak times. 

  • Pay the daily charge

    If the above solutions do not work, then you may have to pay the charge. Or if you not sure which could be solution for you, speak to our Toomey staff on 01702 884674 and they will be able to give you some advice and options on what would be right for you or your business. 

  • Why is the ULEZ Expanding?

    Air quality, toxic air pollution remains the biggested environmental risk to the health of all Londoners, it increases the risk of repiratory conditions such as asthama, cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Due to the increasing levels of pollution, and rising and returning to pre-pandemic levels, the air polution levels are exceeding the legal limit, therefore expanding the zone across London, assists in improving the air quality and making air greener.

    Since the inital ULEZ was implemented in April 2019, we have seen a 44% reducion in roadside nitrogen dioxide within it boundaires and that is why the Mayor of London has decided to expand the zone. According to Tfl, the money from the ULEZ charge will be put towards improving the trasnport network, including its cycleways, buses and tubes and helping to improve to London's air quality. 

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