Renault TWIZY
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Renault Twizy.

Available at Toomey Motor Group Renault

Through production of the Renault Twizy, Renault has set about reinventing the process of city driving, using the design philosophy of "plug into the positive energy".

The Twizy is a unique vehicle on the modern market, a two-seater electric vehicle with vertical-opening scissor doors, which makes it perfect for city driving and especially for city parking. Extremely compact and capable, any city space is now a potential parking space for owners of the Twizy. Enjoyment of the uniqueness of the Twizy is also enhanced by its electric nature, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly cars available on the market today.

Our showrooms in Southend-On-Sea and Basildon are open until 18:00 today.

Every Detail Matters

Explore the TWIZY specifications.

+ Expression
  • Engine
  • i Expression 13kW Auto
  • Fuel Trans. Range CO2 Power Engine CC Drive Type Seats 0-62 Speed
  • Electric Automatic 62 miles 0 g/km 17 ps ~ RWD 2 ~ 50 mph


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