Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle Health Check

A Vehicle Health Check is designed to give you peace of mind - and keep you up to date with the condition of your vehicle. This allows us to spot any major repairs; catch minor repairs before they get worse; and let you anticipate when you might need to service your vehicle. Every time your Renault or Dacia is in for repairs with Toomey you will receive a free Vehicle Health Check for this reason - from our manufacturer trained technicians.

During your VHC our trained technicians will also send you a video to give you an overview of your vehicle and anything they have found that will need your attention. We will usually show you:

  • Suspension, drive shaft and steering
  • Brake discs and brake pad condition
  • Tyre tread and condition
  • Exhaust and mountings
  • Cambelt history
  • Wiper blades

What the Vehicle Health Check will show

The outcome of the VHC will grade each item checked as red amber or green:

Red items are an immediate safety concern such as brakes, tyres, wipers, lights and other items which would usually class as an MOT failure or safety concern

Amber items will need attention before the next Service or MOT, but are not an immediate safety concern

Green items are working as they should and will not need attention before the next Service or MOT

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