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As a full-sized four-seat convertible, the Vauxhall Cascada is a vehicle that epitomises the quality of the brand's craftsmanship. Hand-picked, high-quality elements form both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle, including the interior upholstery and technology.

Vauxhall proposes the Cascada as a summer vehicle, but also emphasises its suitability year-round due to its dual-layered roof. The defining feature of the Cascada, this has the capability of protecting vehicle occupants from adverse weather conditions with a raise time of 19 seconds.

The Cascada is the latest in Vauxhall's line of convertible vehicles, and exhibits design cues from Vauxhall's considerable convertible history. Giving the Cascada a contemporary look and feel, Vauxhall has created a vehicle that is truly elegant as well as sturdy and suitable for modern roads. The visual profile of the Cascada paints a desirable picture, as well as creating a unique silhouette that clearly marks it out as a Vauxhall. Motorists can opt for a triple-layered acoustic fabric roof with a range of colour options available: Black, Sweet Mokka, Malbec and Chino. This option provides additional warmth within the cabin, as well as interior soundproofing features.

  • Vauxhall Cascada
  • Best Efficiency 57.6mpg

    2.0 CDTi Elite 170PS Start/Stop

  • Least CO2 129g/km

    2.0 CDTi Elite 170PS Start/Stop

  • Highest Power 200ps

    1.6 Direct Injection Turbo Elite 200PS Start/Stop

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    The Vauxhall Cascada is available with the following fuel types:

    • Diesel

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