Get to Know the New Citroen e-C4 X

13 Posted: 13th Oct 2022
Get to Know the New Citroen e-C4 X

Founded in 1919, Citroen has established itself as a popular and extremely creative brand - providing unique and innovative vehicles amongst their wide range. They have recently unveiled their new logo, the 10th evolution of their double-chevron design across the last 103 years. This signifies a new era for Citroen, one consisting of innovation and electrification.

The New Citroen e-C4 X is their next model to become available, with orders expecting to be taken from November. It will purely be an EV for the UK market, with no fuel or plug-in hybrid options available. The vehicle showcases a 136hp(100kW) electric motor, up to 223 miles of range and the ability to charge 58 miles in just 10 minutes with certain chargers.

With that being said, let’s put this new state-of-the-art electric car under the microscope and explore what this original vehicle has to offer.


  • Fastback meets SUV

    One of the key features of the New Citroen e-C4 X is its unique style. Citroen describe it as having the personality of a Sport Utility Vehicle, whilst being shaped like a fastback. Due to this, it offers comfort and spaciousness, whilst still appearing streamlined and functioning as a mainstream four-door model. With a length of 4.6m, the vehicle is sized between the C4 hatchback and New C5, and comfortably longer than their compact SUV - the C3 Aircross (4.16m).

    Some of the main components of the car's elegant look are its dynamic roof, its bold bonnet and its new LED taillights. The roof is sleek and maximises aerodynamic efficiency, assisting the all-electric range not to waste charge. Despite the recent announcement of Citroen's new logo, this vehicle will still sport the chrome chevrons that we have become familiar with over the last few years. The new LED taillights, which carry through into the boot lid (carrying 510 litres), help maintain a dynamic and crisp appearance.

  • Citroen E-C4 X Appearance Unique
  • Citroen E-C4 X Safety Family

    Safety Prioritised

    Citroen’s new vehicle features several advanced technologies to help assure your safety on the road. To make your travels as stress-free as possible, up to 20 assistance systems have been implemented. These include a collision risk alert - improving both yours and public safety. Furthermore, an active safety break is featured as well as adaptive cruise control and active lane positioning. All of these factors and many others are designed to make your experience in the New Citroen e-C4 X as comfortable as possible.

  • Comfort for All

    As a result of having this extra-wide boot space, on top of extra space under the floor for charging cables and essentials, there is abundance of space in the Citroen e-C4 X. Furthermore, the car includes Citroen’s advanced comfort programme. One element of this is their new Advanced Comfort Seats. Featuring an extra layer of memory foam on top of their core high-density foam, the new seats provide dynamic and postural support whilst still being visually appealing.

    With further height and lumbar adjustment provided in the front seats, longer journeys will become more comfortable. With comfort and safety at the heart of the vehicle, whilst still looking modern and slick, the New Citroen e-C4 X is well-equipped to become an all-electric, cost-effective family car.

  • Citroen E-C4 X Comfortable Spacious
  • Are you ready to order your New Citroen e-C4 X?

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