Meet Citroen AMI, 100% Electric.

30 Posted: 30th Aug 2022
Meet Citroen AMI, 100% Electric.

Unconventional. Smart. Cool. All define the AMI.

Going to the Shops? The gym? Got a local commute to work? Citroen’s latest electric mobility is designed to do just that. Meet the AMI.

  • The Citroen AMI is 100% electric, meaning there are zero emissions and you can get around town and city centres with minimal impact on the environment. The AMI has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and with a 46-mile range, it’s ideal for most short daily journeys, meaning you don’t need to get your petrol car to drive around your local area.


    Already popular in France, with more than 20,000 sales since its launch. We are excited to share the launch of the Citroen AMI in both our Basildon and Southend stores. While the Citroen AMI is exclusively available to order online at Citroen UK, our teams are able to organise a test drive and guide you through the online process.


  • The Design.

    Being ultra-compact, the AMI is practical when nipping in and out of gaps and when parking in cities, as it takes up just half a parking space! Its tight turning circle allows AMI to perform quick and easy manoeuvres, so you can get to where you need to be quicker.  

    Accommodating two 6ft 5” adults side by side, the AMI comfortably fits you and your passenger with plenty of space. To enhance your driving experience, the AMI offers a bright and airy interior, thanks to its large panoramic sunroof and widescreen, providing excellent visibility when driving.

  • Charging.

    With a 46-mile range, the AMI is able to travel for most short daily journeys, whether that’s popping to the shops, meeting up with friends nearby or a return journey to work. Recent data shows that the average UK driver’s daily mileage journey is between 10 and 20 miles,  enough for the AMI to cover, without a recharge.

    Charging is simple, with an onboard cable integrated into the door, gently pull the cable from the door and plug it in to your standard 3-pin socket. Within 3 hours, you can regain a full battery!


    Designed for businesses, the AMI Cargo means free access to increasingly restricted city centres. With only 1 seat for the driver, the extra space is utilized to become a mobile office or storage solution for parcels or all your daily gear. The AMI is a great low-cost solution that can be used;

    • As an advertising board, easy to apply decals
    • To transport goods and parcels with My AMI Cargo
    • As a company car
    • As a courtesy vehicle, car sharing etc
  • Meet the AMI today

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